Specialized solutions for all disciplines of maintenance and repair


Our ITW range of products includes premium brands from Germany: Cramolin, Carybon, Scrubs and Dykem.

CRAMOLIN offers specialized solutions for all disciplines of maintenance and repair especially in the electrical and electronics, data processing and telecommunication sectors. The range includes Contact Cleaner, Flux-Off, Duster, Urethane Red/Clear Varnish and Plastic Lacquer.

Varybond Adhesives meet the highest quality standards in the most diverse areas of application.  Varybond offers Threadlocker, Retainer, Liquid gasket, Pipe sealant and Cyanoacrylate super glue. Varybond Sprays includes NDI consumables, anti-corrosive coatings, degreasers and lubricants, to name a few.

Dykem markers , in colors that outlast and outperform, are available in felt tip and stainless steel tip for marking on all surfaces.

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